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dashing, debonair, Master

August 2016




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16th Aug, 2016

dashing, debonair, Master

Doctor Who #4

Last night I re watched a very old video of Doctor Who and the Terror of the Zygons. The tape was not very clear in some places, but we were able to see enough and hear enough of the story to follow it. VHS tapes don't last too well when they are over 20 years old. Sad, but true. Tom Baker was my very favourite Doctor! He was funny, and could be serious, too, while being the Doctor. I don't know what it is, but I prefer the low budget episodes of the Classic Doctor Who to the overdone newer episodes. I find the newer episodes too loud,and flashy. The music overtakes the dialogue, and I don't like that. I also think the writers are not as good as the ones who wrote for Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1970s. I grew up watching Jon Pertwee, then Tom Baker as the Doctor. I really liked Liz Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, too. She was a lovely young lady, and when she got back into doing T.V. with her very own show: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith, she was lovely! I had the opportunity to write to her, and she answered my letters! She was gracious, and charming, and I thought she was very kind to answer my letters. It was very shocking to me, when I'd heard that she had passed away due to Cancer. I cherish her letters! I had written to David Tennant, as well, but he never answered. Young people aren't very gracious. I blame their parents because they never taught their children to be polite or gracious. Sad. Very Sad! He is a good actor, but not a very good person, as he doesn't answer his fan mail...at least not the letter I sent him! Shame!

6th Jun, 2016

dashing, debonair, Master

Doctor Who/Professor What on YouTube

I have been searching YouTube for entertaining videos of Doctor Who, and have found a neat parody of Doctor Who called "Professor What". I have watched quite a few of these videos, and have enjoyed the Professor's adventures in time and space! Like the Doctor, the Professor is a Time Lord, and travels through time and space in a TARDIS. There iseven a villain like the Master, called "The Overlord". These videos are not professional, but they have the same charm that the original Doctor Who of the 1970s had. I have not watched all of the episodes, yet. The fellow who made the videos originally filmed them on a VHS camera (is that what it is called? I'm not up on these gadget names) in the 1990s. He has since uploaded them onto YouTube for all to watch and be entertained by. I say "Bravo!"

If anyone wishes to go to YouTube and watch the videos, the channel is by Professor What. Most of the props are made out of cardboard, or tin foil, but after a few regenerations the Professor's episodes become quite sophisticated. I refer to Professor What#10 through to Professor What # 12. I really like these videos. The fellow and his friends do a very good job at acting and filming. So for a treat, why don't you go to YouTube and see these Professor What videos for yourself.

17th Jan, 2016

dashing, debonair, Master

Answer for question 4591.

What's the one job you could never see yourself doing (regardless of whether it's much of a possibility that you'd ever have to)? Why is it so loathsome to you? What's the worst job you've actually had?
I would never ever in a million years work at a fast food outlet! I already made that mistake once, when I worked at Mcdonalds. The managers treat you like a slave, and if someone uses your till while you are on your break, you can be accused of stealing money from your till. It happened to me at least three times, all of those were proven that I was innocent, and the person, who had used my till, was guilty. Also the stress is very high. You are constantly racing to fill orders, watching out for managers who hate you, and are trying to make you miserable, and running out of change is a real bitch!
dashing, debonair, Master

Answer for question 4585.

If you had to describe yourself to others in just one word, which word would you choose? Why would you choose that one -- do you think it's the same word others would choose to describe you?
Helpful- I like to help others, especially if they are lost, or hurting. I don't know why I'm like that, I just am. My job is delivering a local newspaper. I like to help out my neighbours, and twice I found and reported a broken water main on my paper route. My neighbours appreciate my service and help, and show it by leaving me cards of thanks, and gifts of baked goods!

16th Jan, 2016

dashing, debonair, Master

Happy New Year! 2016, here I come!

Wow, I love starting a new year! The year of the Ram is coming to an end, and soon, the year of the Monkey will start! I've applied to help ESL students at U-Vic with conversation in English. This will fit in perfectly with my weekly schedule. I have books, lesson plans that I have used in the past, and the daily newspaper to help with finding topics for conversations.

A sad note : Alan Rickman died last week from Cancer. I have seen him in the movie GALAXY QUEST, and of course all of the Harry Potter movies. He was a good actor! He was only in his late 60s. I think we shall all miss him. Another famous person who passed away recently was David Bowie. He also died of Cancer. He was an actor as well as a singer.

I hope that 2016 will be a better year! I have hopes to make a bit more money this year. Last year was not too good. And, like many others, I plan to drop a few pounds! That means more walking, and less time spent at the computer! Don't worry, I'll post about my adventures!

Happy New Year, everyone!

10th Dec, 2015

dashing, debonair, Master

It's DARK up here in Canada during the Winter!

For the last few days, I have gotten up at my usual time,and it has been DARK! It is December, and we seem to get very few daylight hours. I miss the sun! We have gotten a Sun lamp, in hopes of making us feel better. We have been feeling depressed, and the doctor has said that it is called S. A. D. All I want to do is sleep, and I don't think I want to do anything else. Weird! The sun rises at 8:20 AM, and sets at 3:25 PM, which makes for a very short day. I have to force myself to stay up after seeing how dark it is outside. I hate Winter! The only nice holiday is Christmas. Our family has dinner together, and we exchange gifts. We might even have a Christmas tree this year. We didn't have one last year, as no one felt like decorating. This December we had a death in the family, so the depression and grieving are at the forefront. I hope the new year will be happyer for us!

28th Sep, 2015

dashing, debonair, Master

Interesting mail from Australia

Today I got an interesting piece of mail from Australia. At first it was exciting. Wow! Australia! then I asked myself, "Who do I know in Australia?" I opened the envelope, and took out the contents. It was similar to the stuff you get from Publisher's Clearing House, only this stuff was supposedly details for a lottery, or lotteries in Australia. I'm not Australian, so I got suspicious. So I Googled the company who had mailed me the documents, and learnt that it was a SCAM! So I ripped off my address, and relegated the envelope and its contents to the blue box to be recycled.

So, if anyone out there gets mail from Australia, from the Lottery Awards Office, don't respond to it! They ask you to send them money, that is the first clue that should warn you that you are being scammed! I'm certain that my name was gotten off the internet, or given to these people by some other people in North America who keep lists of people's names. I call it "The Suckers List". Don't get taken in by these people! Be careful, and never send any money to any institution that claims to be able to make you rich!

25th Jul, 2015

dashing, debonair, Master

The music of falling rain

It has been almost 4 months since we've had rain in Victoria! Oh the joy I felt when I woke up and heard the raindrops falling heavily on the water-starved ground at 3:40 AM! I just listened to the music of the falling rain, and thanked God for hearing our prayers. We have been hearing about wildfires all over the province, and how difficult it was for the firefighters to control them. This rain, we hope, also fell in those areas where the largest fires were.

The news reporters were asking people how they felt about the rain. Many people said they were happy and enjoyed the rain. Only one person who was interviewed said that the rain was unwelcome. Probably a tourist! I was outside working while the rain fell. It made me feel happy, and more alive to feel rain on my face and arms! It had been unbearably hot in the past few weeks, and the lovely cool rain was such a relief! In time of a drought, rain becomes a super star!

3rd Jul, 2015

dashing, debonair, Master

the wonder of humming birds

I was on the back porch of our house, looking after my potted vegetable plants, when a tiny Anna's Humming bird came flying over to see me. It was wanting to inspect my Zinnia flowers, so I said, "Help yourself, little bird." The little bird hovered over first one flower, then another as it sipped sweet nectar from the centers, and the little bird seemed happy. I stood as still as I could, because I didn't want to scare the little hummer away. When it had satisfied its thirst, the little humming bird flew up to my face, and chirped. It was as though the dear little thing were saying, "Thank you!"

What a special moment in time that had been! I thank God for these wonderful opportunities to be so close to nature!

22nd May, 2015

dashing, debonair, Master

Happy birthday to Kieran21595!

Happy Birthday to you, Kieran 21595! I hope today was lovely and that you had a great time with family and friends! I hope the birthday cake was delicious! Enjoy!

yours quite plainly,
Only Ainley

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